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  • Dr. Redmond On Hormones And Hair Loss
    August 2nd, 2011
    Hormones and hair loss - Dr. Geoffrey Redmond talks all about this exasperating duo in his book It's Your Hormones. Dr. Redmond, who is the director of the Hormone Center of New York, is an Endocrinologist who understands the frustration of female hair loss, and women travel from all over the United States to be treated by him. It's Your Hormones came out in 2005 but I didn't buy it until this week for some reason, even though I've read Grow Hair Fast and a bunch of other hair loss books! S...

  • Is Genetics The Cause Of Your Hair Loss?
    September 19th, 2010
    There are several causes of hair loss in women and men - is your hair loss due to genetics? Do you have pattern hair loss - Androgenetic Alopecia? Many people with overall hair thinning struggle for years trying to determine if their hair loss is due to something temporary (Telogen Effluvium) or due to genetics (Androgenetic Alopecia). There's now a genetic test for hair loss! Genetic Test For Hair Loss There's a company called HairDX that does genetic testing to predict whether or not you...

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