Celebrities With Crazy Wigs

Celebrities With Crazy Wigs
February 27th, 2011

jessica simpson wigSometimes I wish I could be Lady Gaga or Katy Perry just so that I could wear crazy wigs and be seen as an eccentric, yet innovative and stylish celebrity. I love crazy wigs, but you can’t go around wearing them in real life without ridicule, whereas celebs can get away with it as part of their bigger-than-life personas. I was shocked that the current issue of New York magazine features Jessica Simpson in giant hair fashioned out of her popular hair pieces and hair extensions. Jessica has helped make hair pieces mainstream, which I’m thankful for, because it helps take the stigma out of women that wear hair just to look “normal.” What annoys me about Jessica Simpson, though, is that she has great hair to start with, so while she wears wigs and extensions from time to time, she totally doesn’t need them! Have you tried any of the Jessica Simpson hairdo extensions, bangs, hair pieces, etc.?
Below are various celebrities that embrace crazy wigs and crazy hair. Most of these celebs have no hair loss issues like I do, but I’m happy to see them with crazy hair nonetheless. My only concern about celebrities wearing crazy wigs is that it could minimize the importance and legitimacy that realistic wigs have to women actually suffering from hair loss issues. What do you think about celebs and their outlandish wigs? Who is your favorite celebrity that is not afraid to wear crazy fake hair?

Here’s another picture of Jessica Simpson from New York magazine in her hair piece wig!
jessica simpson wig

Cher is the celebrity that started the crazy wig trend years ago. Some of her wigs cost $10,000!
cher wig

Christina Aguilera embraces the giant hair look.
christina aguilera wig

Katy Perry wears wigs in a variety of rainbow colors.
katy perry wig

I look forward to seeing what crazy wig Nicki Minaj will wear next. I actually love this wig and wish I had the guts to wear one like it out in public.
nicki minaj wig

Another one of Nicki Minaj’s many wigtastic looks.
nicki minaj wig

Like a sheep dog, Rihanna has so much hair here that she can’t even see!
rihanna wig

Beyonce is wearing some awesome big hair here. I love this picture of her!
beyonce wig

Lady Gaga has taken her cue from Cher and tries to outdo herself each time with crazier and crazier wigs (like the meat wig!)
lady gaga wig

Lady Gaga in gray hair with teal streaks – why not?
lady gaga wig

Phil Spector might just be the craziest of all wig-wearing celebrities. Would you wear a wig like this to your own trial?
phil spector wig

Finally, do wigs make kitties even cuter?
kitty wig


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  • Colleen
    February 27, 2011 at 10:03 pm

    Oh I know that feeling all too well. Someday’s I think shaving my head and just wearing a wig would make life so much less complicated. :) Plus who wouldn’t LOVE having different hair every week or even every day?!

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