Does Khloe Kardashian Have Hair Loss?

Does Khloe Kardashian Have Hair Loss?
November 2nd, 2011

khloe kardashian's mugshot

Does Khloe Kardashian's mugshot reveal her hair loss?

Does Khloe Kardashian have hair loss, and is she losing her hair like millions of other women? I have the Kardashians on my mind this week because of Kim’s announcement that her second marriage is over after 72 days! A lot of people criticize me for pointing out celebrities with hair loss, or they think I’m imagining things, or that I focus on the wrong things in life, but I can’t help it – I’m obsessed with hair loss. I do believe Khloe Kardashian has a hair loss issue – similar to Fergie’s hair loss.

Sure Khloe’s part isn’t that wide, and her hair loss isn’t that extensive, but as I’ve said so many times, most female celebrities do whatever they can to hide their hair loss, so it’s rare to see celebs with a super obvious problem. While watching a few episodes of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” my eyes immediately gravitated to Khloe’s hair – her thinning hair issues are pretty obvious on several of the episodes.

When I was googling “Khloe Kardashian hair loss,” the only story I could find was from the National Enquirer, which did talk about Khloe’s battle with hair loss. The story claimed Khloe revealed that she was so distraught after the death of her father that her hair fell out. She had to wear wigs and extensions until eventually her hair came back. Of course the National Enquirer is probably the least reputable news source out there, but I’m still inclined to believe the story. Extreme stress can cause telogen effluvium (temporary hair loss), so losing excessive amounts of hair after going through a painful event should come as no surprise, unfortunately.

I’ve also read Khloe talk about her desire to get pregnant, and her struggles with infertility. She supposedly told Life & Style magazine that she’s been trying to get pregnant for a while now, and is looking into doing fertility treatments if necessary. I also wonder if she also has PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), which could explain her ongoing hair loss and her difficulties getting pregnant. This is all speculation on my part, and I have never heard her talk about PCOS. Her dad died in 2003, and here in 2011 she is still dealing with hair loss, which makes me wonder if she now has PCOS or androgenetic alopecia (genetic hair loss). 

Below are more pictures of Khloe Kardashian’s hair loss (at least in my mind she has mild hair loss). She always wears tons of extensions to make her hair thicker and longer, but it’s hard to get extensions that minimize a wide part. Also, I’ve seen her occasionally on talk shows or at events where she has no hair loss at all – I swear she’s wearing a topper at these times. I’m convinced of it. I also think she sometimes wears Toppik or some other hair cover-up product because sometimes her part looks sort of brownish (which is how my part looks from Toppik and Joan Rivers Great Hair Day). I’ve said it tons of times – on one hand I feel bad talking about celebrities with hair loss, but it’s not like it’s a secret – they choose to go out in public, so I’m just commenting on what I see. Khloe has all the money in the world to do whatever she wants to with her hair, so as bad as I feel for her, I still feel more sorry for myself and the millions of women out there like me, since we have no money to hire fancy hairdressers, get thousands of dollars worth of extensions, go to the best doctors, nor get the highest quality hair pieces and wigs (if that’s what we choose to do).

More pictures of Khloe’s hair loss:

khloe kardashian losing hair
In this photo my eye briefly looks at Khloe’s diamond ring before going right to her part.

khloe kardashian hair loss
Khloe’s got a wide part, or am I just imagining things?

khloe kardashian hair
Khloe’s hair under natural light. Is this her real hair, without extensions?

khloe kardashian hair
Khloe Kardashian with tons of extensions and reddish hair. I love this hair style and hair color!

khloe kardashian hair
Khloe Kardashian with red hair.

khloe kardashian hair
Khloe and her sisters. Hair loss??

kourtney kardashian hair
Finally, here’s sister Kourtney Kardashian with her real hair. Hmmm.

Does Khloe have hair loss, or am I delusional? Here’s a list of more female celebrities with hair loss. Would you rather be a super rich celebrity that is scrutinized by the world, yet who also has the ability to buy the best hair money can buy, or would you rather be you? I’m not sure how I would answer that… So what do you think about Khloe Kardashian’s hair?

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  • Y.
    November 2, 2011 at 3:27 am

    I have noticed Khloe’s slightly wide part also. Yeah it’s not that bad, but it definitely looks like she has some hair loss. Kim and Kourtney also wear hair extensions all the time and a lot of people just think all of that hair is real.

  • Mary
    November 3, 2011 at 5:42 am

    You seem to be right, looks like thinning hair… I am also kind of obsessed with celebs and their eventually thinning hair, just don’t want to be so lonely ;)

    What do you think of Kate Bosworth? On a few photos her hair looks really poor, but harder to tell from blondes. She used to have a thin pony tail but now her hair looks better. Maybe stress..

    Love your blog and all great tips. I really hope that your hair will get better.

    Mine is THIN and for the last years I’ve had no choice in hairstyles but a sad little pony tail.. still waiting for a miracle…

    • Jeni - Hair Loss Hell
      November 3, 2011 at 3:07 pm

      A lot of people have mentioned Kate Bosworth, but it’s hard to tell. She’s always had thin hair, and I have noticed it looking better or worse in different pictures. She could just have telogen effluvium that comes and goes (especially since she’s so thin, and probably under a lot of stress.) I know what you mean about the sad little ponytail:( That’s how I would now describe my hair.

  • D.
    November 12, 2011 at 1:20 pm

    I agree that Khloe has hair loss issues. Probably Kourtney too. I’ll bet you’re right – its tied somehow to Khloe’s fertility problem. Hugs to all of us going through this nightmare.

  • Marie Shanahan
    January 11, 2014 at 5:39 pm

    I’m not a Kardashian fan. I’m actually appalled by how far they have gotten using their money to keep themselves in our faces, everyday. But as a woman who has struggled with thyroid issues for years, dramatic hair loss is part of my life. It always grows back, but then it always fall out, again. So I feel terrible for any woman going through such a sad thing that we are helpless against. I hope they lay off the extensions and I hope their hair grows back.

    As for the rest of us, I pray that we will stay strong, my sisters. :)

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