Having A Bad Hair Day?

Having A Bad Hair Day?
March 18th, 2011

bad hair dayI feel like I’m living in the movie “Groundhog Day,” but in my version I wake up with bed head, and then proceed to have a bad hair day every day, over and over again. I’ve been having a bad hair day since 2007! People let a bad hair day ruin their whole day – well no wonder I’ve been grumpy for so many years now. Remember how great it feels to have a good hair day – how it puts you in a great mood? – oh what a fond and distant memory:( I just learned the term bad hair day can also mean having a bad day in general. It makes sense, because having a bad hair day sucks the fun out of life. I’ve always liked that song “Bad Day,” and now I’m starting to think the song is really about having a bad hair day. I just googled the singer Daniel Powter, and he’s wearing a hat in every single picture I could find – aha!

For regular people, having a bad hair day means trying to tackle a thick, frizzy mess, having  tangles because there’s so much hair, having roots coming in, or dealing with a few flyaways and a bit of static. For people with hair loss, disguising a bad hair day entails painstakingly trying to cover every bald spot, hopelessly trying to add volume to limp, thin hair, using Toppik and other concealers to give the illusion of hair, and then finally giving up and resigning to staying home, or wearing a hat, and praying it doesn’t blow away if it’s windy outside. 

It’s funny how men are affected by bad hair days too. On days when my boyfriend declares he’s having a good hair day, he acts all giddy and boisterous, and he’s ready to go out and have fun. On bad hair days, he gets moody and withdrawn. Of course bad hair days are subjective because his hair always looks the same to me. Men with thinning hair also have the option to do hair transplants in hopes of once again having good hair days.
• Everyone is having a bad hair day
Celebrities take bad hair days just as seriously as we do. While googling “bad hair day” I saw that Demi Moore stayed home from the Golden Globes because she was having a bad hair day. Really? Britney Spears is like me and doesn’t let her daily bad hair stop her from going out. She has bad hair in just about every candid picture on the internet. More bad hair days: I found out there’s a salon called “Bad Hair Day,” Weird Al has an album with the same title, there’s an 80s cover band with the name, and WebMD even has a whole page dedicated to surviving the horrible affliction known as the bad hair day!

• How to fix a bad hair day
I’ve been wearing my hair in a ponytail or bun every day for at least a year now! That’s my personal fix. I have avoided fancy situations because I refuse to wear my hair down, but I have a wedding coming up to attend. I guess I will just stick a nice clip in my hair to look more dressed up. Other fixes for people with normal hair: wear a hat or thick headband, use dry shampoo to add volume and reduce greasiness, use a 5 minute root touch up kit, spray on some anti-frizz serum, or just do my magical ponytail trick. And stop your whining – at least you still have hair;)

Since you’re on my hair loss site, you are probably like me and wake up every day with a hair challenge. Let’s celebrate bad hair – then every day can be a party! When was the last time you had a good hair day? Do you have secrets to fixing or coping with a bad hair day?

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  • sandee
    March 18, 2011 at 2:16 pm

    You are right about having a bad hair day every day. I honestly can’t remember when I was happy with my hair because it’s been so long now.

  • molly
    May 18, 2011 at 10:42 am

    nanogen, hairspray and nachos!

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