Jessica Simpson Bangs

Jessica Simpson Bangs
August 31st, 2011

jessica simpson bangsJessica Simpson makes a clip in bangs hair piece for her HairDo collection (created by her hairstylist Ken Paves). The product offers a quick way to change up your hairstyle without actually having to cut your hair into bangs. Lots of celebrities wear clip in bangs from time to time for fun, or for movie roles and photoshoots – Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Aniston, Kristen Bell, and of course Jessica Simpson, have all worn faux bangs. We know Jessica Simpson loves wearing hair. I didn’t see the movie “When In Rome,” but in the commercials Kristen Bell was obviously wearing fake bangs in half of the scenes, while she was bang-less in the other half!

Jessica Simpson Bangs Review
Last year I bought the Jessica Simpson HairDo clip in bangs because I was hoping for a solution to disguise my thinning hair. The bangs are made of synthetic hair and they are really affordable at about $24. They come in 11 shades, ranging from blonde to black. I bought the “buttered toast” color because in the store it appeared to be the closest match to my hair. But it turns out the color was not a close enough match to my hair, and there are no other options that are any better, unless I change my hair color.

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• Positives
When I put the bangs on, they look realistic and the quality of the hair is nice. Some people say they are a bit shiny, but you can dull them with a little baby powder. They are easy to clip to your head – the three little clips attach to your real hair, and then they snap shut. On my hair they feel secure and comfortable, but I didn’t end up wearing them that long. The bangs look just like real bangs, and they definitely give me hope that there are options out there to enhance my hair – you don’t have to go around letting the world know you have hair loss if you don’t want to. The bangs are cut straight across, and they are a little longer on the sides to better blend in with your real hair. They come with straight hair, but apparently you can curl them with styling tools using medium heat. A lot of people love these bangs and I’ve seen pictures of people wearing them online and they look great on them.

• Negatives
Unfortunately, overall the bangs didn’t work for me. I have no idea why few people report this problem, but there’s a bump where the bangs attach to your real hair and that part looks totally fake – like they are just sitting on your head! You are supposed to brush your real hair over the bump to hide it, which won’t work in my case because I don’t have that much hair, but even if I had thick hair I can’t imagine this looking undetectable. The bangs are even marketed for people with fine, thin hair, so it makes no sense! The only way I could see wearing these bangs is with a headband. If you have the right color, they would look great with a headband covering where they meet your real hair. I am baffled why so few people have mentioned this bump issue!

The lack of color choice is the only other negative I can report. While 11 color choices sounds like a lot, I suspect a lot of people won’t be able to find a match to their hair color. Since the bangs are synthetic, you can’t dye them. At the end of the page I will list all of the colors, with their name and color description.

• Bottom Line:
Jessica Simpson Bangs are a great idea if you can find a shade that matches your hair color, and you want to wear them with a headband. They will help disguise thinning hair in the front area of your head, they are easy to wear, and they look good. Otherwise, without the headband (or scarf or hat), they look fake to me. I’ve seen pictures of Fergie wearing totally obvious fake bangs, but that’s not a fashion statement I can pull off personally!

jessica simpson fringe

Jessica Simpson Human Hair Clip In Fringe
There’s a second Jessica Simpson HairDo bangs option called Human Hair Clip In Fringe that looks really promising. At $191, it’s a lot pricier, but if it looks good and covers my thinning areas, it’s worth it. I haven’t tried the fringe yet (but want to). In this picture you can see the little swirl of the fringe, which looks sort of weird, but in the videos I’ve seen of the piece it looks a lot better. It has two clips underneath and it can be worn in a variety of ways – straight bangs, angled or side bangs, as a top volumizer, etc.

Since it’s human hair, the piece can be cut, colored, and heat styled to blend in with your natural hair. It’s supposed to last at least a year. The more I read about this hair piece, the more I want to try it. Since I have wavy hair, though, and I’m bad at styling my hair, I’m not sure how this would look on me without curling it. But for someone with straight hair, or the ability to style their hair well, this looks like a great idea.  

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Colors of Jessica Simpson synthetic bangs:
Ginger Blonde R25 – Golden Blonde with subtle highlights
Ebony R2 – Black
Midnight Brown R4 – Off-Black or Black/Brown
Dark Chocolate R6 – Rich, Dark Brown
Chestnut R10 – Rich Dark Brown with Coffee Brown highlights all over
Chocolate Copper RS/30H – Dark Brown with soft, Coppery highlights
Ginger Brown R830 – Warm, Medium Brown
Glazed Strawberry R29S – Strawberry Blonde with Pale Blonde highlights
Buttered Toast R1416T – Dishwater or Mousey Blonde with sun kissed highlights
Honey Ginger R14/25 – Dark Golden Blonde with light Gold highlights
Golden Wheat R14/88H – Medium Blonde streaked with pale Gold highlights, Medium Brown roots

Colors of Jessica Simpson human hair fringe:
Black R1HH
Dark Brown R3HH
Chestnut Brown R4HH
Medium Auburn R6HH
Light Golden Blonde R9HH
Palest Blonde R10HH
Ginger Blonde/Medium Blonde R25
Golden Wheat/Light Blonde R14/88H
Chestnut/Light Brown R10

Have you tried Jessica Simpson Bangs or Fringe? What do you think? Do you wear any clip in bangs or toppers that you would recommend? Or do you have any hair wearing tips??

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  • Paige
    August 31, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    I’ve seen the cheap Jessica Simpson bangs before and was wondering how they would work. I don’t usually wear headbands so that’s no good if they look bad without covering the seam. I know people wear these bangs so how do they do it and make them look natural?

  • Jennifer
    April 25, 2013 at 5:43 pm

    If you have fine hair or hair loss, this bang will not work for you.

    Con: yes, there will be a small bump in the middle clip to your hair. It will look fake and you will not have enough hair to cover it.

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