Joan Rivers Great Hair Day Review

Joan Rivers Great Hair Day Review
April 29th, 2011

joan rivers great hair dayYay for Great Hair Day by Joan Rivers! You have to laugh when you’re buying hair loss beauty products from a 77 year old, and she has better hair than you! How is that fair??? Joan Rivers Great Hair Day is a fill in powder that promises to save you from ever having a bad hair day again. Even though she has short hair, I know Joan Rivers also wears hair extensions for volume because she pulled one out to show the audience during one of her “Fashion Police” shows.

Joan Rivers Great Hair Day is a powder created to disguise thinning hair, so you use it on the top of your scalp to minimize shiny, balding areas. I have been using Toppik in light brown, the shake on fibers, and while I was happy with it at first, I’ve been having a real issue with it lately. I guess my hair has gotten even worse since I started using it, and now the Toppik makes my scalp looks bright reddish-orange in all fluorescent lighting. It’s horrible. I’ve been using a q-tip to remove some of the extra Toppik that sits on my part, but that only makes my scalp look both bald and orange in fluorescent lighting. Seriously – fluorescent lighting needs to be banned! I almost had a heart attack last week when I was trying on clothes in a Wal-Mart dressing room and got a look at my hair. It turns out being so broke I have to buy clothes at Wal-Mart is not nearly as horrifying as my fluorescently-lit scalp.

• Great Hair Day Review
I ordered Joan Rivers Great Hair Day because it gets mostly rave reviews, and it works different than Toppik. The color naming of the product is really strange. Great Hair Day comes in Light Blonde (shown in the compact in the picture), and in the left square. Then there’s Blonde, Red, Brunette, and Salt and Pepper. I have naturally dark brown hair, and the Blonde color I ordered is a close match to my roots, which I haven’t dyed in several weeks! I guess they were thinking of Heather Locklear on “Melrose Place” who was technically blonde on the show, yet her roots were almost black.

The little Great Hair Day compact, which costs around $29 from QVC, looks suspiciously like matte brown eyeshadow. A few weeks earlier I purchased a cheap matte brown eyeshadow and tried using it on my scalp with not-so-good results. I was using the foam brush that comes with the eyeshadow, rather than the “hairdresser brush” that comes with the Great Hair Day. The eyeshadow I bought ended up looking stupid, but I haven’t ruled out trying a different shade or brand. The ingredients of Great Hair Day also read like a typical eyeshadow.

Hey I just noticed you can Buy Great Hair Day on Amazon and they have it there for $19.99 plus shipping right now! The packaging is different than the one on QVC, but it’s cheaper!!

• How To Use Great Hair Day
With all that said, you “paint” the Great Hair Day fill in powder on your thinning scalp areas and blend it in. You can use the opposite end of the brush to part your hair in different areas to get to your scalp. It took me about 3 minutes to get decent coverage of the product on my thinning part, and at my hairline. It’s not as fast as Toppik, but it’s fast and easy enough. The product makes my roots appear darker, but that’s fine – I would rather be Heather Locklear than bald. Great Hair Day is supposed to be transfer-proof and stay on your head until you shampoo it out. So far I’ve applied it and worn it in bed and it was still intact the next day. I think some of it even stayed on my head after washing my hair! Here in Las Vegas, we don’t have rain, and I haven’t been working out much lately, so I haven’t tested it in more adverse conditions. The product has a pleasant smell, which is unexpected. In bad news, it’s only been a few days but the application brush is shedding quite a bit – I hope it lasts long enough.

• Fluorescent lighting = evil
In regular indoor lighting, and sunlight, the product looks natural and it definitely makes me appear less bald. It definitely helps hide the thinning, sparse areas. The true test came earlier today when I went to Best Buy, which is almost as notorious as Target, Wal-Mart, and Office Max for having the world’s worst lighting. I made a beeline to the bathroom to examine my scalp. It looked just slightly weird – brownish, baldish, and you could see black dots where the Great Hair Day had attached to some hair follicles. The dots just looked like dark hairs growing in, though. Without anything on my scalp, in fluorescent lighting my scalp just looks bald. With Toppik it looks orange. Great Hair Day is a slight improvement over both of those options. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, when you have thin hair and are in fluorescent lighting, life sucks. I have to avoid this lighting, or plan on wearing a hat or wide headband. You know that teen clothing store Hollister? Every store should have dim, moody lighting, where you can’t really see anything but at least your hair looks good. 

I’m planning on lightening my roots to light brown asap, and when I do that I will continue this review… Okay now it’s a few days later and I dyed my hair a light/medium brown and the Great Hair Day in Blonde continues to look fine on me. It still makes my roots slightly darker, but it’s a close enough match that it looks good. So Great Hair Day in Blonde works for dark brown to light brown hair! I think it would be too dark on hair that is truly blonde, so I would consider the Light Blonde color for actual blonde hair.

• Bottom Line:
I have yet to find a product that makes me look like I have thick, perfect hair, but Joan Rivers Great Hair Day helps disguise my thinning hair, making my hair loss less obvious and less noticeable. The other reviews I’ve read of this product are mostly positive as well. In fluorescent lighting the product still looks acceptable, but I will go easy on putting too much of it in my part the next time I shop at Wal-Mart. Unless something changes, I plan on buying Great Hair Day again. I still also use Toppik Light Brown, but I will now only put Great Hair Day near my exposed scalp area. Finally, I haven’t had a great hair day in years and years, but with this product I have an “at least I can leave the house without a hat day.”

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  • kara
    April 29, 2011 at 4:41 pm

    I will have to look into this product. I haven’t tried Toppik either but am going to need something to cover up my scalp, which keeps getting wider:(

  • SG
    June 15, 2011 at 7:00 pm

    I really appreciate this blog. I am struggling with this issue myself and it’s nice to hear from someone who understands. Did you get a scalp biopsy at the derm?

  • Jeni - Hair Loss Hell
    June 16, 2011 at 8:45 pm

    SG, I haven’t gotten a scalp biopsy although I’ve been considering it for years. None of the Dermatologists I’ve seen wanted to do a biopsy because they were certain of their diagnosis just looking at me (the first 8 or so docs were sure it was Telogen Effluvium and the last 2 were certain it was Androgenetic Alopecia). I would get a biopsy, but I’ve read the results come back inconclusive so many times that there’s not often a definitive answer. And my insurance doesn’t cover hair loss, and none of the doctors would do the biospy anyway. Frustrating!

  • Rose
    April 28, 2012 at 12:26 am

    I’ve just discovered your blog. Thank you for gathering all this information & blogging it. I am trying to help my daughter who is suffering with hair loss at 15 years old. It’s been very difficult & heartbreaking for her. I’m so desperate for answers. She is currently on Spiro 100 mg & using rogaine nightly. If you have any suggestions for us please let me know. I was also thinking that if this does not work I may try propecia. Thanks again.


  • Missy
    June 18, 2012 at 8:46 pm

    My friend brought this product to me after I had a meltdown at work and talked about my hair falling out. So i put it on my part the next day and My boyfriend kept telling me I had makeup or dirt on my head. I don’t know if I didn’t apply it correctly or what, but it was very noticeable on me.

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