Tori Amos – From Hair Loss to Wigs

Tori Amos – From Hair Loss to Wigs
February 23rd, 2011

tori amosTori Amos first caught my attention in the mid-90s with her popular song “Cornflake Girl.” I noted we had the same hair (although hers was bright red) and then I didn’t pay much attention to her until my friend became obsessed with her in the late 90s. My friend started going to Tori shows constantly and coming back with new meet-and-greet Tori photos throughout the years. I would always look at the photos and see Tori’s big smile, and in later years I would notice her Botox and then plastic surgery, but not once did I ever notice her hair. Oh how I wish I was still so oblivious. I remember looking at my friend’s Tori CDs and never even noticed she was wearing different wigs in some of the album art. When you don’t have hair loss, you really don’t notice people’s hair much, even when it’s obviously thinning.

In my female celebrities with hair loss post, a reader commented about Tori wearing wigs, and I looked online for pictures of Tori throughout the years and I was shocked that she’s been suffering from hair loss since at least the mid-90s, but I never noticed. She’s been wearing wigs the last few years, which is quite obvious if you look at her hair loss progression throughout her career. I emailed my obsessed Tori friend and asked her why she never told me that Tori wears wigs (since she knows I’m obsessed with hair loss) and she told me she didn’t know! So knew she wore extensions sometimes, but never noticed the wigs. This gives me hope that most people don’t notice your hair, and even your friends and family might not figure out you’re wearing a wig, even if your hair drastically changes style and thickness!

I feel bad for Tori publicly suffering from hair loss all these years (not that most people noticed), and if you google her you will see pictures of her with really obvious Androgenetic Alopecia (genetic hair loss) pre-wigs. But lucky for her, she has the money for some awesome wigs. Women with hair loss also wonder why no female celebrities seem to suffer the same fate, but as I’ve said before, it’s because most of them start wearing hair pieces and wigs at the first sign on a problem. Tori is one of the few younger celebrities (pre-menopausal I’ve seen with really obvious hair loss.

Here is a Tori Amos picture from when she first became a mainstream singer (pre-hair loss):
tori amos
Below are various pictures of Tori in wigs. I remember seeing the photos of her in blonde and brunette wigs, and just thought she changed up her hair or something with dye and a haircut. Oh how clueless I used to be… Finally I feel bad for just talking about Tori’s hair, but I don’t know that much about her music. I just know I am now also obsessed with her just like my friend, but for different reasons!
tori amos wig
tori amos wig
tori amos wig
tori amos wig

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  • karen
    February 23, 2011 at 1:32 am

    I like a few Tori Amos songs and always remember her with that curly red hair. I never noticed her hair loss either but I do think she looks stunning in that first photo with the straight wig. I haven’t seen her around in years on tv and of course there aren’t any channels that play videos these days.

  • Sara
    February 25, 2011 at 10:37 am

    The wigs you showed here are all to do with concepts for her albums. The orange one with heavy bangs was for her album american doll posse where she played different characters that made up one woman. The second example is from strange little girls where she had makeovers to represent the women in the songs, she mostly uses the wigs, extensions and hair pieces on stage, there are loads of photos of her without them.

    She wears a weave in the front of her hair right now because that’s where she’s lost it the most, but again that’s only on stage. Here’s a good picture to show it:

    I still think she’s one of the most beautiful and enigmatic women in the world, even without hair.

  • Devon
    February 26, 2011 at 10:15 pm

    I have been a HUGE Tori fan since the early 90’s, and in the last 10 years while dealing with my HL, have become an even bigger fan of her wigs! lol. Saw her in concert in Philly last summer and she had the most amazing long red wig on. I so wanted to ask her where she got it and the rest of her collection from, but unfortunately there was no meet and greet after that show.

  • Celebrities With Bad Plastic Surgery
    March 25, 2011 at 3:54 pm

    […] Amos has the face pulled too tight look from an over-zealous facelift:( I’ve written about Tori Amos’ hair loss on my other blog, and at least her new hair looks […]

  • J
    March 31, 2011 at 11:43 am

    I’ve been a Tori fan for years, and only really started noticing her hair loss when I started noticing my own! So I agree that other people probably don’t notice your hair as much as you think they do. :)

  • X
    June 3, 2011 at 2:55 am

    I’ve been a Toriphile for a long time now, and I can understand some of the criticism she has gotten over her appearance, but in the end it’s her life and her choice. I have thin hair as well, and was surprised to read about all the other celebs. She still shines…

  • Debbie
    November 28, 2011 at 4:46 pm

    Tori Amos’s wigs have nothing to do with “hair loss” but are instead artistic choices for various characters and such she channels. It’s part of an act; to alter your own hair in that manner would be very time consuming and damaging. A lot of celebrities wear wigs and hair pieces on stage, not because they have hair loss, but because they like the effect and a wig can be styled easier as it is not on a moving person. Maybe she did lose a bit of hair around her hairline (possibly due to her plastic surgery?) but that has nothing to do with wearing a wig. Cher wears wigs, too, but again not for hair loss.

    • Jeni - Hair Loss Hell
      November 30, 2011 at 2:29 am

      Debbie, I agree that before Tori used to wear wigs as part of her characters, and as part of her artistic expression. But her hair loss has gotten extreme (which is why I would feel guilty putting any pictures of it on my site), and I don’t know for sure why she wears wigs now, and maybe it doesn’t have to do with her hair loss, but when my hair gets to be like hers I will be wearing wigs 24/7 too.

  • kathy
    January 4, 2012 at 2:57 pm

    I’ve been a Tori fan forever. I’ve seen her in concert 5 times. I noticed her hair loss big-time in 2002-2003 during the Scarlet’s Walk tour, there is a DVD of a show from that tour and her hair is practically gone. Next album, she started wearing wigs. I don’t blame her although she has been criticized a LOT. I am glad to see some fans chatting about it. I thought maybe she has an autoimmune disease because she miscarried a few times, too (both things are consistent with autoimmune like lupus or something. I beg to differ about the plastic surgery. I have studied some close-up photos & it seems the opposite… she is about the same age as me and I recently gained 30 lbs due to menopause. She joked about meno during her Los Angeles show a few weeks back. I think she just gained weight and her face looks fatter! my opinion. Regardless, I love her and am her biggest obsessed fan ha ha. xoxoxo

  • MelindaLu
    January 23, 2012 at 8:06 pm

    I have been a Tori fan for 20 years and have been obsessed with her looks (I think she is in a beauty class all by herself–otherworldly–) and have just completed my 64th show in 20 years. I just refuse to speculate on her choices for her own body AND I won’t participate in conversations speculating on her looks. All I know is that she had to have surgery for TMJ sometime between The Beekeeper and ADP. Only she, her doctors and her immediate family/closest friends are ever going to know the real story, but what if she was FORCED to have plastic surgery on her face because of nerve damage or whatever happened during the TMJ surgery? My wish is for us to remember and celebrate the AMAZING music she has made, her legacy for rape/incest victims and the rich beauty she can bring to your life if you let her…. This year we get to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Little Earthquakes and she just recently put out the best record of her career (Night of Hunters/Sin Parabras) and I think we should let it go at that. There is unbelievable pressure just for us normal women to be beautiful let alone when one is in the public eye. Whatever decisions Tori is making for her self, her health or her stage presence is her business…not ours. I am 2 years older than Tori…and I wish I looked as amazing as she does. I met her in LA and up close she looks impeccable. And, even if she didn’t, it would not decrease one ounce the happiness, joy and pleasure she has brought to me over the past 20 years. I’m thankful for Tori every day and I say: Let The Woman BE! Enjoy her music and let her worry about her body and her image. My heart goes out to her and I am so glad she is a self-proclaimed “not an internet person” so she doesn’t have to read attacks about her looks (although this page isn’t as bad as some I have seen and takes a reflective, compassionate stance). OH! It’s about hair loss….. So, OK. I’m done. That isn’t something I have ever had to deal with but my heart goes out to anyone dealing with an issue that they would rather not be dealing with.

    • MsLips
      June 2, 2012 at 10:22 pm

      Thank you for posting that. I am a big-time Tori fan, but in recent years I’ve been really put-off by her apparent plastic surgeries. I thought she was being a hypocrite, or something, by going that route. But you bring a new perspective… I had no idea about her surgery, and you’re completely right, we don’t know how hard it is for her, and all of the challenges she has to face, with her health and body image. And then there’s the other side of it… like you say, we should celebrate the amazing music she’s made, and “the rich beauty she can bring into your life if you let her”… that is something I had almost forgotten. I was completely unaware of her surgery, and you are right, there is much more going on then we’re going to know. Tori fans should be compassionate, and appreciate what she has brought to us.

  • Sebastian
    August 12, 2014 at 4:26 pm

    What?!!! Tori Amo’s hair loss? WTF?…mmm I don’t think what you’re looking at is hair loss as much as many “beauty procedures” that have left her ears and eyebrows meeting at the back of her head LOL. She actually looks a lot better than what many unflattering pictures online will make you think.

    She’s always had very thin hair and a high hairline. It’s just that in the past she wore her hair very fluffy and wavy and that made it look thicker. Nowadays she wears it quite straight and flat, which actually shows how thin her hair has always been.

    Just my opinion from seeing lots of interviews and recitals through out the years. If anything, her forehead is higher, probably (not to say obviously) for some procedure she got done. But that’s about it.

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