Why Does Kathy Griffin Wear A Wig?

Why Does Kathy Griffin Wear A Wig?
February 17th, 2012

kathy griffin wears a wigAs far as I can tell, actress and comedian Kathy Griffin wears wigs all the time now for hosting gigs, public appearances, TV show guest appearances, and during her stand up shows. Does Kathy Griffin have hair loss? Otherwise, why wear a wig?

A few weeks ago I caught Kathy Griffin as a guest star on the TV sitcom Whitney, and I thought, “that’s got to be a wig.” Her hair was so big, and so perfect on the show. Sure some people have hair like that, but hers was sooo big and sooo perfect that it made me curious. I did some research, and it turns out it’s no secret that Kathy Griffin wears a wig! She admits to it – at least according to what I’ve read on the internet. I have never heard Kathy actually say she wears a wig, but other people claim they have – I guess that’s what Judge Judy would call hearsay. It turns out she has a best-selling book: A Memoir According To Kathy Griffin, so I wonder if she mentions it there?

As annoying and fame-whorish as she can sometimes be (sorry Kathy), I love that Kathy is open and honest about her struggles with accepting her appearance. And I appreciate that she, along with Joan Rivers (who makes my favorite hair concealing product), talks openly about her experiences with plastic surgery. I know it’s nobody’s business what you’ve done, but I am bad at keeping secrets about myself, and if I was a celebrity I would probably go on and on about what I’ve had done (including hair stuff). Since Kathy Griffin admits to having liposuction, a nose job, brow lift, face lift, eye lift, teeth veneers, Botox, and more, I believe that she probably has admitted that she wears a wig too.

• So why does Kathy Griffin wear a wig?
I have a few theories. Since Kathy’s had so much work done on her face, there’s a good chance she has scars from plastic surgery near her hairline, or her hair could have receded in the front from the face lift. It’s actually common for women to experience hair loss at the site of face lift incisions, and a receding hairline is another common side effect from the surgery.

Also, Kathy Griffin is now 51, so she could have some age-related hair thinning. She may have normal, average looking hair, but obviously she cares greatly about her appearance, so why settle for average hair, when you can have Hollywood hair instead? I am reminded of fellow redhead Christina Hendricks, who also has average hair, but Christina achieves Hollywood hair by wearing hair pieces and wigs. In Hollywood, it’s go big or go home. It seems like a lot of female celebrities will do whatever they can to achieve perfection – Kathy Griffin says getting lipo almost killed her, yet she later went back for more! So wearing a little fake hair is obviously no big deal when you think about it.

Finally, even when I had normal hair, I hated styling it all the time, and it never looked that good, so it’s probably easier to pop on an expensive wig and be out the door. Although, I have a feeling even a wig needs to be professionally styled for an hour to look perfect, so I don’t know how much time it would really save. Judging from older photos, it’s obvious Kathy Griffin has worn hair extensions in the past to add length and volume, but maybe she’s discovered that causes traction alopecia, plus permanent hair loss, where the pieces are attached. So wearing a wig could be less damaging to her real hair.

• Pictures of Kathy Griffin’s real hair:
kathy griffin real hair
I assume this is Kathy’s real hair (but I guess it could be a wig). It looks nice here.

kathy griffin hair
I also assume this is her real hair. Again it looks nice – and it looks very average/normal.

kathy griffin hairstyle
Here you can see Kathy’s real hairline, and she looks like either she has a naturally high hairline, or it could be a bit receded from the face lift. But overall she doesn’t appear to actually have hair loss (except maybe in the front).

kathy griffin natural hair
Here’s another picture of Kathy Griffin’s real hair. Except for the high hairline, her hair still looks pretty thick.

• Pictures of Kathy Griffin wearing wigs:

kathy griffin betty page wig
Here’s a cute photo of Kathy Griffin dressed up as pinup Betty Page.

kathy griffin wig
This looks like a wig, although it could be Kathy’s real hair, plus hair extensions.

kathy griffin wears a wig
This looks like a wig, although again it could also be her real hair, plus extensions.

kathy wig
I love this over-the-top hairstyle. It looks like a wig because there’s no hair part.

she's wearing a wig
This has got to be a wig!

straight haired wig
I like this lighter red hair color on her.

I like the highlights here, and her hair is so shiny!

cute wig
This is a cute picture. Unless she has really thick hair on top, that’s a wig.

Kathy Griffin – if you’re doing Google Alerts on yourself and you find this blog post, please fill me in on your hair secrets! Whether Kathy is sporting her real hair, hair extensions, or a wig, I normally like what she does with her hair. The only difference between her and other female celebrities is that she divulges her beautifying secrets. So now you know – whether or not she “needs” to, Kathy Griffin wears a wig to achieve perfect Hollywood hair.

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  • beth
    February 19, 2012 at 7:10 pm

    I never thought about Kathy Griffin before but now I’m wondering how many other celebrities wear wigs too, not because they have to, but just to make their hair look perfect. Also since Kathy Griffin has red hair, that hair color fades really fast, so she would end up having to dye her real hair every few weeks which is a pain.

  • mike
    February 23, 2012 at 8:04 am

    she often talks about her ”magic hair” extensions or wig, i don’t know.. but she’s public about her magic hair

  • Dana
    February 23, 2012 at 9:24 am

    I have watched Kathy Griffin for years, and she had difficult natural hair (very curly and thick) that needs professional blow-outs to look good (remember when her ex-husband used to curl it for her, pre-show??). For years she wore extensions that didn’t even REMOTELY match her (dyed) shorter hair. Now that she has some money, she’s got some better wigs. I think she wears them b/c she’s lazy :) and doesn’t want to mess with clip-ins and sometimes only “Hollywood Hair” will do. That’s my two cents!

  • Christa
    March 3, 2012 at 2:31 am

    Being the same age as Kathy Griffin, I can’t help but wonder how little food she allows herself to eat to stay that tiny. For me, really restricting calories means thinner hair.

    • Jeni - Hair Loss Hell
      March 3, 2012 at 4:20 pm

      I’m sure most thin women in Hollywood only eat 1000-1200 calories a day – if I had to guess. That’s why I’m surprised hair loss in Hollywood isn’t more rampant, but I think most celebs just start wearing supplemental hair the minute their hair thins. And of course they have the money to hire chefs to cook them nutritious low-cal meals, and they can go to as many doctors as they need to for their hair.

  • Richárde aka Nicole Russin
    August 14, 2012 at 7:57 pm

    Oddly I wound up here hoping for fantastic red hair ideas for myself as I always do red hair and voila, instead, Kathy Griffin and her looks, from a girl hoping to find more a redhead Playboy type look. Darn. I often cite her as an example of stereotypical assumptions about Illinois Irish descent women.

    To answer your question, you can’t be too sure if she uses wigs or extensions but if that’s the case, why not more glamorous styles for her? She’s a little stuck in retro Dolly Parton looks. A good wig if she chose that over a weave would do her very well in a more Beyonce style done in red. She has the potential to be a very gorgeous, glamorous woman! Yes much like the people she makes fun of in her acts! :) Shame on you Kathy for downplaying yourself into frumpy housewife land. Those hairstyles and the orange on orange color choices are simply clashing with what you could be.

    In response to the last person, no, a thin woman or man can easily eat over 1,000 calories and as someone who writes cookbooks among other things, it is a misconception we hear about the necessity to have a personal chef or face being heavyset. Making healthy choices in a non-drastic method with slight cheating now and then is the way to go. It’s called closing your mouth to fried chicken, fast food lipids so you fit in your pants in favor of homemade goodies. It’s too much to describe in one sitting so here I go: eat food you cook at home and save money. If possible, cook for the whole entire week! Rachael Ray devoted a show to A Week in Advance or whatever it is called. Make the time for your waistline and heart health.

  • Amy
    August 17, 2012 at 4:58 pm

    With naturally curly / wavy hair? She just might want the ease that comes with throwing on a wig. Having to fight with curly / wavy hair that has a mind of it’s own can be downright tiring, I know I have the same kind of hair. It takes a lot of time to straighten it or do stuff with it. I think it’d just be easier to throw on a wig and be done with it. Prob. saves time & money on hair stylists. Why spend the money on blowouts & stuff all the time when you can just buy a wig?

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