Wig-Loving Female Stars

Wig-Loving Female Stars
April 20th, 2011

taylor swift wigI’ve written about female celebrities with hair loss, and celebrities that wear crazy wigs, but there are tons more female celebrities that wear wigs and hair pieces during their day-to-day lives, on the red carpet, and for their music performances. Just about every female celebrity in Hollywood wears wigs from time to time for movie roles, but I’m not going to list those here because that’s not usually the choice of the actress. This list will include female celebrities that choose to wear supplemental hair because they want to enhance or change their appearance (like Taylor Swift in this picture).

Later I’ll do a separate post about celebs that wear extensions to add length and volume. I know I have a slight obsession with celebrity hair, but I still feel like there’s a stigma to wearing a wig or hair piece, but if everyone would realize sooo many women in Hollywood wear hair, it will become more acceptable for regular women to do it too.

Female Celebrities who choose to wear wigs and hair pieces (all the time, or occasionally) to enhance their appearance:

Britney Spears
Celine Dion
Christina Aguilera
Debra Messing
Dolly Parton
Eva Longoria
Gwen Stefani
Halle Berry
Helena Bonham Carter
Holly Robinson Peete
Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Lopez
Jessica Simpson
Joan Collins
Judith Light
Kat Von D
Katy Perry
Kim Kardashian
Kimberly Stewart
Kim Zolciak from Real Housewives
Lady Gaga
La Toya Jackson
Lily Allen
Naomi Campbell
Nicole Richie
Nicki Minaj
Oprah Winfrey
Paula Abdul
Pam Anderson
Raquel Welch
Shelley Long
Star Jones
Taylor Swift
Tina Turner
Toni Braxton
Tori Amos
Tyra Banks
Wendy Williams
Whitney Houston

Interesting wig tidbit: Actress Ginnifer Goodwin enjoys wearing her hair short and edgy and has a “wig clause” in her movie role contracts. She insists on wearing wigs for her roles, rather than having to grow her hair out and living with a hairstyle she doesn’t like while she’s off-set. In commercials for her new movie “Something Borrowed” you will see her wearing a wig in every scene.

wig jennifer lopez
Jennifer Lopez appears to switch out her real hair with a variety of wigs on “American Idol.”
madonna wig
Madonna sporting a short blonde wig.
beyonce wig
Beyonce is always changing up her wig hairstyles.
wig nicole richie
Nicole Richie sporting a topper, or a topper plus extensions.
wig fergie
Fergie finally read my mind and got a wig or topper (plus took out her extensions)! This is from her 2011 “American Idol” performance.

I will update this list when I spot more stars wearing wigs. Please leave a comment below with the name of any celebs that I’ve missed.

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  • Sasha
    April 20, 2011 at 5:01 am

    I was just watching Oprah and she was talking about when she got a Tina Turner wig for the show when Tina Turner was on. Then she ended up loving it and wearing it all the time, until Stedman told her “enough already” and she gave the wig to her friend or cousin. Anyway it was pretty funny. I know she doesn’t normally wear wigs but I have read she wears weaves sometimes (not that she has hair loss or anything).

    • Jeni - Hair Loss Hell
      April 20, 2011 at 5:14 am

      I saw that show too! I was so clueless back then that I never noticed when she wore the wig on other episodes of her show, besides just the Tina Turner one. I also had no idea Tina Turner wore a wig until a few years ago. I wish I was still oblivious to hair!

  • Jana
    May 18, 2011 at 11:22 pm

    Do you think Christina Aguilera is wearing a wig on the show The Voice? Not sure if you have seen the show. It looks like it could be a wig but I’m not sure.

    • Jeni - Hair Loss Hell
      May 18, 2011 at 11:50 pm

      Actually I have been watching that show and was wondering the same thing. Her hair doesn’t look like a wig to me – just massive extensions. But I have read several other people commenting on her hair and thinking it’s a wig. I can’t tell one way or the other, so that’s good news. On a side note, I always though Julianna Margulies had the thickest hair ever on “The Good Wife” and I just realized she’s been wearing a wig on the show! I don’t watch the show, but from the commercials I was always shocked at how thick her hair still was… Then I saw her on a talk show and saw the difference between her real hair and her TV hair.

  • crystal
    July 7, 2011 at 11:18 pm

    Hey! great blog. I’m writing a blog post on this topic and would like to link back to your post if you don’t mind.
    take care!!

    • Jeni - Hair Loss Hell
      July 8, 2011 at 1:43 am

      Sure, that would be great. Thanks!

  • Clara
    July 21, 2012 at 4:15 am

    Beyonce wears both extensions and wigs. She is one of the few female celebrity women that show their real hair in behind the scenes footage and sometimes in public. She wore only her real hair to one of the Cadillac Records premiere, in Vogue magazine and I noticed she has been doing it a lot since she had her baby. She’s wore a lot of ponytails and top knots since then. She is one of the few women early on that admitted to wearing fake hair sometimes. She said it in a book about Destiny’s Child. I always appreciated her honesty. Because some female celebrities are too vain to ever admit.

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